EV Charger Installation in Sioux City, Iowa

As electric vehicles become more popular, the importance of having a home EV charger installation is increasing as well. These designated chargers provide the fast and reliable charging that electric vehicle owners need to get the range they’re looking for out of their vehicle every day.

If you already have or are considering purchasing an electric vehicle here in Sioux City, Iowa, the professional team at Mitchell Electric can give you a reliable quote on your electric car charger installation today.

What Kind of EV Charger Installation Do I Need?

Electric vehicle charger installations are divided into three different levels, which are:

  • Level 1 chargers plug into any standard 120-volt outlet in your home
  • Level 2 dedicated EV charges rely on a 240-volt circuit for faster charging
  • Level 3 industrial and commercial chargers as found at supercharger stations

Whether you’re looking for a Chevy, BMW, or Tesla charger installation, the best charger for your home is likely one that’s rated Level 2. A Level 2 EV charger installation gives you a considerable boost to your charging rate, making it possible to use your electric vehicle as your everyday vehicle.

With a level 1 charger that uses a household outlet, you’re going to be waiting upwards of 20 hours to get to a 100% charge. Depending on the length of your daily commute, you might not even be able to charge your vehicle enough to get to work each day. 

A level 2 EV charger installation cuts the charging time down to around 3 hours, making it possible to use your vehicle for work, play, and everything in between.

Your EV Charger Installation

To install your new EV charger, Mitchell Electric will have to run a 240-volt circuit to your garage or wherever you park your vehicle. This type of wiring is a more powerful circuit that large appliances such as stoves use, and it can provide the fast charging required by your electric car.

These chargers come rated for a variety of different amperages. Higher amperages allow your electric vehicle to charge faster. If you need a Tesla charger installation, they use a different port from most electric vehicles, but every Tesla comes with an adapter. The team at Mitchell Electric can make sure you’re getting the right electric car charger installation for your specific needs. 

There are many models of EV chargers available, and some come with additional features. We can provide EV chargers that can connect to an app to give you control over charging and scheduling, along with plenty of real-time and aggregated information about your charger’s performance and energy use.

The skilled electricians at Mitchell Electric can ensure that the wiring and installation of your new EV charger are safe and reliable, providing you with quick and convenient charging for years to come. In some cases, adding an additional 240-volt circuit to your home’s electrical system could also require some further changes.

The most likely area where your home’s electrical system may need additional work will be the electrical panel. We’ll verify that your current panel has the capacity and available slots to safely take on the additional circuit during your EV charger installation.

In some cases, you may need an electrical panel upgrade or replacement. This condition is particularly likely for older homes that haven’t had a panel replacement in decades, or if you’re going with the highest-rated and fastest-charging options.

In either case, Mitchell Electric provides both panel replacements and panel upgrades and can help you find the best solution for your home’s electrical system.

Always Go With Professional EV Charger Installation

Trying to do your own electrical work presents many risks. Trying to handle 240-volt circuits can be even more dangerous for those who don’t have the right electrical experience. Instead of risking electrical shocks and potential fire hazards down the line, you can trust your electric vehicle charger installation to Mitchell Electric.

Our team of professional electricians provides safe, thorough, and reliable EV charger installations. We’ll ensure that every part of the job is handled right, including the charger selection, wiring, and installation. Mitchell Electric is fully committed to the satisfaction of our customers and can provide you with any of the essential electrical services you need.

EV Charger Installation in Sioux City, Iowa

If you think it might be time for an EV charger installation for your home, you can reach out to Mitchell Electric anytime. We’ll be happy to go over your options and provide you with a reliable quote for your installation. Contact us online or call us today at (605) 232-5527 to get started.