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Homes depend on electricity every day to do just about everything. Families use electricity every day in the home, from running the fridge to watching TV and switching on the lights. But if there are no outlets at home, then electricity cannot be used there.

Outlets that are broken or that don’t supply sufficient power for an appliance are a source of frustration and potential danger for homeowners. Be sure to use the services of a professional electrician to do any outlet repairs or upgrades.

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Modern Electrical Outlet Installation?

Whether your home is fairly new or an older model, there are most likely some upgrades you could implement with your outlets. Outlets including GFCI, USB, and smart outlets have gone a step further since the basic outlets were used in homes. You can browse through these new modern kinds of outlets and their benefits so that you can be inspired to have them installed in your home.

Switched Outlets

This kind of outlet is usually equipped with one port with a switch that is located on the other port. This switch can allow or block the flow of electricity from the outlet, so its source of power need not be on at all times. You can simply disconnect or connect the outlet by switching it on or off instead of taking out the device.

GFCI Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets cut the flow of electricity upon the detection of a short circuit or ground fault. It particularly protects against water electrocutions, which is why they are required for kitchens and bathrooms or anywhere else near water. They look just like the regular outlets, but they have two buttons that are used to reset a tripped outlet. In new construction, GFCI outlets are required within six feet of every water source, but a professional electrician can install them if your older home lacks this important safety feature.

AFCI Outlets

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter AFCI outlets only became standard in 1999, so older homes may not have them. Presently, AFCI outlets are introduced at a breaker box to help forestall power jumping starting with one wire then onto the next, which can cause fires. If your home lacks AFCI outlets, you can have them installed by a professional electrician, either at the electrical panel or at the beginning of each circuit in your home.

20A Outlets

Some household appliances use more power than is available from the average electrical outlet. In areas like the kitchen or the laundry room in a modern home, it is typical to find now 20A outlets that power up energy-guzzling appliances that are used there. These outlets look like the regular ones, except they have a tiny horizontal slit on the left side to be recognized as a 20A outlet.

If a device needs more power to run or breakers trip regularly, an electrician can help you upgrade to 20A styles and make your device run at its full potential.

USB Outlets

Most modern devices use USB power cords, but you can’t plug them directly into an outlet without using an adapter, which makes it inconvenient. The good news is that there are now some outlets that have integrated USB ports in them. USB outlets can either have two regular ports and two USB ports or just four USB ports without the regular ones. An experienced electrician can easily install USB outlets wherever you like in your home.

Smart Outlets

Instead of having to employ a switch to gain control of a device, when the outlet where it is plugged into is a smart one, then you can simply use an app to control it. This makes it much easier to turn your devices on and off and even allows you to set schedules for your appliances throughout the day.

Smart lights can be scheduled to turn on and off at certain times, so it looks like someone is home to deter theft. Else, homeowners can plan the schedule of outlets for an increase in energy efficiency and a decrease in energy costs. Smart outlets are more costly than regular outlets, but they have countless features and advantages.

If you have an outlet that isn’t working or one that has a visible burn mark, you should have it inspected immediately by an electrician. Handling electricity can be a very dangerous mistake for anyone not trained as an electrician, especially if there is already a problem. You should find a good electrician that will deal with your electric work to avoid unnecessary danger.

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