Electrical Outlet Installation in North Sioux City, SD

Modern Americans use a lot of electricity. We run refrigerators, heaters, and air conditioners often around the clock, keep the lights on at night, watch TV for hours after long days at work or school, and charge everything from smartphones to laptops, tablets, portable speakers, and more. Without functioning outlets, there’s no way to accomplish all of those seemingly basic goals.

Every modern home has electrical outlets. If your home doesn’t have enough of them, though, or if the ones it does have are broken or potentially dangerous, trust us to provide expert electrical outlet installation services that you can rely on.

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Types of Electrical Outlet Installation in North Sioux City, SD

It’s not always as obvious as you might think when you need electrical outlet installation in North Sioux City, SD. If one or more of your outlets have stopped working completely, chances are high that you already know it’s time to call Mitchell Electric for help. That said, you should also give us a call if:

  • There aren’t enough outlets to accommodate your family’s daily electrical needs.
  • Some or all of your outlets are ungrounded.
  • You notice sparks or burning smells when plugging in appliances or devices.
  • Your outlet covers are loose or damaged.
  • Your home doesn’t have the right type of outlets to support your family’s safety and comfort in all conditions.

Wondering what we mean when we say that you might not have the right type of electrical outlets? It’s not just about replacing outdated two-pronged, ungrounded receptacles. There are also different types of outlets designed to meet a variety of your household’s needs. Here’s what you need to know about each of them before you upgrade:

GFCI Outlet Installation

GFCI, short for ground fault circuit interrupter, outlets are designed for use in moisture-prone areas. They cut the flow of electricity whenever they detect ground faults, protecting users against water electrocutions. You can tell if an outlet is a GFCI by the two buttons in the center used to reset tripped outlets. If your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor outlets are not GFCIs, give us a call so that we can update them and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

AFCI Outlets

AFCI, or arc fault circuit interrupter, outlets are only standard in homes built since 1999. Now, they’re wired into breaker boxes to help prevent power from jumping from one wire to another, which is known within the industry as arcing. Arcing creates a serious risk of electrical fires, so if your home doesn’t have AFCI outlets, you need to take the situation seriously. Contact us to schedule AFCI electrical outlet installation in North Sioux City, SD, right away.

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20A Outlets

20A outlets are designed to accommodate modern household appliances that pull more power than could be provided safely by a standard outlet. They look just like normal outlets, but they have horizontal slits on the left side. 20A outlets are most common in kitchens and laundry rooms, where they power refrigerators, washers, and dryers. However, any time an appliance or device trips circuit breakers regularly, you may want to consider upgrading to a 20A-style outlet.

Switched Outlets

Not all modern outlets were created exclusively to encourage electrical safety. Some outlet upgrades will also make your family’s life more convenient. Switched outlets are a great example. They combine a traditional outlet with a switch, much like a light switch, that allows or blocks the flow of electricity to the outlet. Turning off anything plugged in will just require flipping the switch, which can be much more convenient for difficult-to-reach areas.

Smart Outlets

Smart outlets take the concept behind switched outlets one step further. Instead of flipping a switch, you can control the flow of electricity to smart outlets using an app. Many smart outlets even allow you to set schedules for your lights and appliances to increase energy efficiency, deter home invaders, and maximize convenience.

USB Outlet Installation

Plugging in modern, USB-powered devices to regular outlets requires an adapter, which can be quite inconvenient. That’s why modern outlets often integrate USB ports. We can install either traditional outlets with two USB ports or USB-only outlets that feature four ports, depending on your family’s needs.

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