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Darcie Kistner, Mitchell Electric

Darcie Kistner, Manager
5 Years Industry Experience
Specializes in Operational and Human Resource Management

In 1999, Darcie graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. During the course of her degree, Darcie had an emphasis on entrepreneurship, a passion of her’s since serving as the Assistant Office Manager of her dad’s electrical contracting company. Upon completion of her degree, Darcie worked in various positions that allowed her to develop an intimate understanding of both business operations as well as human resource management.

In 2011, Darcie returned to Siouxland to not only raise her family in the community she grew up in, but also to work alongside her family creating a business that could benefit the Siouxland community. Darcie is excited to bring a new, family-owned business to Siouxland and is committed to providing an exceptional service to its residents.